Other Class Pictures
(The Class of 1973 Family Album)
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John and Nanci (Sauer) Iannone

Eugene Mahr with his family at
The Great Wall of China

Rhonda Schnur
with Andrea (8), husband Warren, and Deborah (5) at Yellowstone Park- Mystic Falls this summer.

Linda Gritz & Michael Katz
with the kids: Ben and Pauline

Clara Wajngurt-Levy with husband David and daughter Esther Sara (2), Insert- David with their son
Avrohom Shmuel (4 1/2)

Jon Bernstein with his wife Susan and daughters Jenna (13) and Beth (4) in Olympic Penninsula - Ito rain forest.

Howie Levine at his daughters Bat Mitzvah in October '97...pictured with wife Judi (20th anniv. in August!), Andrew (16), Lindsey (13)
and Daniel (7).

Steve Resnick and family